Mind Connect

We provide a free counselling service for young people aged between 16 and 25.

Mind Connect serviceThe service is open to all, irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity, background, religion or sexuality. Mind Connect offers the opportunity to talk to a counsellor about the following:
  • feeling down, stressed, low, or anxious
  • coming to terms with a bereavement, relationship breakdown, or loss of any kind
  • dealing with anger, frustration, or when feelings are out of control
  • problem solving skills and understanding things differently
  • moving forward if feeling stuck or lacking direction in life
  • develop ways of coping better and feeling stronger
  • Mind Connect is based in a friendly, welcoming, confidential environment.

How does it work?

We can offer:
  • a safe space where you will be listened to, not judged, or criticised
  • between 6 and 12 sessions (voluntary engagement)
  • the opportunity to talk to someone outside your family or friends
  • assistance to work things out for yourself and find solutions to your problems
  • help to build a stronger sense of who you are, and to grow in self-belief and confidence.

What can I expect from the sessions at Mind Connect?

This is your time to talk things through with a counsellor, at your own pace, who will:
  • listen to you very carefully, and will help you to look at things differently
  • help you to understand how you feel or why you feel like you do
  • not provide solutions, but will try to help you to find your own solutions
  • help you to test solutions by putting them into practice
  • give you an opportunity to explore any negative thinking, and how to turn this around

During the first session you will decide with your counsellor whether you want to arrange more counselling sessions.

Sessions last up to 50 minutes.

What we do not offer:

We are not a drug and alcohol rehab service or a psychiatric service, or a replacement for one. 
We do not diagnose conditions. However, we can signpost you to a range of external support services, depending on your circumstances.

Please ring Mind Connect 020 7278 4224 or 0207 447 7031 or email mindconnect@als.org.uk

If you would like to refer someone or make a self-referral please download the form here

We also operate outreach services. Please telephone the above numbers for further details.
Download Mind Connect leaflet.